Episode 12: Donnan and Lath Part 2– Niall Playlist

The blond-bobbed beige-khakis wearing one finally placed her order with the guy behind the counter, “Venti 1 pump caramel, 1 pump white mocha, 2 scoops vanilla bean powder, extra ice frappuchino with 2 shots poured over the top with caramel drizzle under and on top of the whipped cream, double cupped.”

Followed by her brunette friend, who tugged at the hem of her flower print t-shirt and smoothed her yoga pants while asking for a, “Tall iced coffee in a grande cup with extra ice, 3 pumps hazelnut, 2 pumps classic, an inch of non-fat milk, with a dome lid and a venti straw.”

 “What a slut,” she whispered as she and her friend made their way down the counter.

Waverly smiled. People whose desires are fully on display through the glass houses of their souls, should not throw rocks at the person who can fulfill them.


“I know what they did to you. Ice helped me figure out how to undo it.” He pushed her skirt up above her hips. “I hope. But it’s not going to be easy for either of us.”

“Fuck me, Train.” Waverly squirmed and ground her pubic bone into his leg. “Why aren’t I the fuck-dolly to you that I am to everyone else?”

“Because I love you.” 


“Now Waverly,” Donnan tisked, “Lying to your lover is always a bad thing. He can see perfectly well you’re not all right. Look at you, your muscles are rigid and tears are leaking from your eyes.”

“I’m fine,” Waverly grunted.

Lath laughed, “Come on brother, let Train in on the joke. Otherwise he’ll kill her before we’ve had our fun.”

“I don’t know,” Donnan said. “This is pretty fun…”



“I…wait, what do you have in your mouth.”

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Episode 11: Donnan and Lath Part 1–Breaking Waverly Playlist


“Pretty Waverly, you were crying a bit there.” Donnan’s eyes held a brittle glee. “We don’t want sad guests.”

She let her eyes rove over their shirtless chests to the red and black patterned kilts riding low on their hips. She let her eyes linger. “Then make me happy.” Waverly didn’t smile. She didn’t invite. She spit the words out like the challenge they were.

Lath’s smile flowed like honey gathered from poisoned flowers. He placed his knee between the forced spread of her legs. The flannel of his kilt tickled her inner thigh. “Where we’re from, accommodating a guest is a sacred act. What would you like?”


A door opened. No. Oh fuck, she was too far gone. Her body whipped up; her come flowed. The burst of energy made both men slump as they lost consciousness. All according to plan.

Except, by the time the Highlanders passed out, Waverly’s wrists were cuffed, her ankles chained to the couch

And Jamie, standing above her, flicking hot ash from her cigarette onto Waverly’s chest, laughed. 


“The Chronos will keep you present for it all. When we close the door, it’ll be pitch black, and you’re deep enough underground that all you’ll hear is the whir of vibrations–” Donnan grinned at his brother.

“And your screams.” Lath finished for him.

“See you in about twelve hours, Waverly. You’ll be ours long before then.”

“But we want you to suffer.”

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Episode 9: Dragon Playlist

Minutes later, the door opened again. Waverly had long mastered the casual glance. She didn’t look away as Ice entered the hallway. She smiled as any woman would at a man whose muscles filled out his suit and whose chilly blue eyes were framed by glasses. He projected not only virile strength and intelligence, but a deadly confidence. Even though she was cued to Dragon, Ice made Waverly wet.

Ice’s knowing half-smile as he passed made it worse. A throb of desire issued from Dragon as he watched the interplay. Ice continued down the hall. 


“…No one comes in or out of the circle until the winner does.”

Waverly took her place, snagging a double-ended dildo out of the central pile of sex toys. The three holes frolicked in the middle waiting for the music to begin. When it did, Leon laid next to Waverly.

She smiled at him, “I know you’re supposed to be the hole, but would it break the rules if you stuck your tongue in my ass?”


Ice was silent amid the moans and music of thrusting flesh.

Waverly waited.

Against her shoulder, he smiled. “That was very good. Maybe I’ll play with you after all.” He pushed against the stem.

Waverly cried out.

He took the whistle from her hand and replaced it with a slip of paper. “Your appointment is midnight next Tuesday.

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Episode 10: Ice Playlist

Ice smiled. Something in it suggested he knew her words were true on a number of levels. Her heart hammered, but she meant what she’d said to Train. If she’d been made, she’d been made, as long as it brought her the Highlanders.

“I can see that you are. However, to be clear, I am not a “dom.” I am a man who likes to spank women who like to be spanked.” He touched her knee. His fingertips burned through her stockings. “You do have a punishment coming, which Dragon, the man you’ve offended, will witness, but during the rest of this long night, we will attend to your desire.”

He removed his hand from her knee, and a small moan escaped her lips.

“That is not to say that I will not be severe. ” 


He turned pushing her hair from her face. He kissed her long and deep. The pleasure of the kiss swirled with the pain in her ass and drew on its intensity.

Ice broke away. “This is the room of redress.” He opened the door. “Fucking is across the hall.”

Waverly smiled, walked to the dressing table, her steps already less careful as lust devoured everything that hurt. She picked up a hairbrush. Turning to Ice she said, “I hope you’ll still give me what I want.”


“Lay over my lap.”

Their night had started this way, but where in the beginning Waverly had felt awkward and embarrassed, now she spread herself across his legs with eager anticipation

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Episode 8: Phoenix Playlist

Phoenix liked to watch, and he liked everyone else watching too. Why else would the t-shirt clad gardener be standing inside the doorway with that look on his face? Other members of Phoenix’s staff had wandered into the room, stopping to watch as Waverly and Ginger peeled each other out of their matching black and white business suits, teased each other by running Calla lilies up and down their heating flesh. Phoenix’s functionaries had found seats along the room’s perimeter. A couple of them worked studiously on laptops between glances up to watch the ever- increasing spectacle in the center of the room.

“Oh Gin. That hurts.” Waverly whispered.


She reached for his belt, unbuckled it, and slid it through the loops, taking her time, watching his breathing quicken, and the hand still holding his scotch shake. She doubled the belt over and used the loop-end to lift his chin. His eyes were pleading, and his desire was no longer resigned.


“This is going to go on a long time. Don’t move.”

Waverly paused letting him anticipate the first strike, then said, “Oh, I almost forgot.”

She walked around and handed him a throw pillow. “You’ll need this. If not during,” she pulled her strap-on from its hiding place and dropped it on the cushion in front of him, “Then after.

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Episode 7: Bruin Playlist

Bruin looked at her, a ferocious humor on his face. “This is a game we both win, and we will both lose.”  

“Looking forward to it.” Waverly handed him her cup. “Where do you want me?”

“Ass up on that bench is just fine.”

Moments later the nozzle slipped into her puckered hole and a click opened the fill.

The sauna’s heat lessened the cramps. She was filled completely. Pressed belly down, every touch made her ache for a hundred more. Sweat emptied her pores. Juice poured from her cunt. Bruin alternated venik lashes with long strokes over her skin. The pressure of the fluid in her body conspired with the vieniks’ strokes to drive her nearly mad.

The urge to expel got lost in the kaleidoscope of erotic sensation.  

“Time’s up.”


  Naked they ran out the door and into the surf. The icy spray triggered screams and laughs of delight.

“I would be so pissed at you, if I didn’t feel so good right now.” Waverly said. Bruin still held her hand. They were waist deep in the surf. The moon lit up the water and their bobbing shoulders.

He pulled her to him. 


Knowing the first thrust is always the roughest, Waverly tried to arch into it.

Bruin tapped her tailbone, “Easy. If we rush this, it will hurt you.” He rubbed her spine, “I’m going to go slow, and you’re going to breathe.”

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Episode 6: The Blaze Playlist

Blaze glanced up. His green eyes alight with mischief and a little something else. “What did you do to all my friends?”

“They weren’t your friends,” Waverly said, sitting on one side of him. Jamie sat on the other.

“No?” Blaze asked.

“No,” Waverly said. “Real friends would have already been sharing your cock.”

“My car’s right outside,” Blaze said, dropping his arms to their shoulders.


Jamie traced the curves of the arrogant glass head, a heated flush rising in her cheeks. She caught Waverly looking, and her smile was predatory. Jamie appeared to be in a sudden rush to explore the dominant side of her sexuality.

That thing is so ending up in my ass. Waverly thought, feeling a twist of desire and dread.


Jamie got up, her hair covering her face.

“Roll over, Waverly.” Her voice was a flat whisper.

Too flat. Whatever had been wrong earlier had gone wrong again. Waverly needed her hands untied. She needed to get the fuck out of here, but her body wasn’t listening to her brain. It was already responding to the circling swirls of desire filling up the room.

“No.” Waverly said, but she rolled over, spread her legs, and lifted her ass in anticipation.

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